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Where successful lifestyle platforms are built, where the empowered team works.
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We're not exactly a software house, although we build great ones—

Catalyst is the holding company of two successful eCommerce, and an elite Growth & Tech team behind them.

Company image Visit voilà.id
Company logo Visit voilà.id

voilà.id is a luxury fashion shopping destination that features collections from leading brands. With two flagship stores in Jakarta and Surabaya, we quickly gained popularity and became the #1 Multibrand Store in Indonesia.

Company image Visit Jamtangan.com
Company logo Visit Jamtangan.com

First launched in 2014, Jamtangan.com exceeds as the #1 Watch Store in Indonesia. To embrace watch enthusiast communities, we expanded our distribution network and opened 10 offline stores across Indonesia.

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Catalyst Growth & Tech is an elite team behind the success of voilà.id & Jamtangan.com. Catalyst Growth & Tech is our empowered team that provokes fast growth of our businesses. We work to win.

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Our Vision is to be the no.1 e-commerce company in Indonesia by understanding our customers’ needs and continuously innovate on their behalf to construct the best e-commerce website and application in Indonesia.
Since 2013, we’ve grown to...
25-34 y.o.
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Male Employees
Female Employees
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We are firm believers in the value of building a diverse team.
I've been working at Voila.id for almost 2 years now and my journey full of personal and professional growth, learnings and opportunity. I feel blessed because they consider each employee as an asset for the company and definitely know how to keep us enjoy at work.
Brenda Karyadi
Offline Store Voila.id
Testimonial image Brenda Karyadi
Working in this company makes me believe that you can actually achieve your goal by loving what you do, if you never stop learning, being focus and consistent. I can develop some skills that I never thought I could never have and improving skills that I already have.
Oei Chelshea Florencia
Testimonial image Oei Chelshea Florencia
At Catalyst I feel appreciated for contribution that I give. Catalyst give me an opportunity to grow and learn about something that I never learned before. In this place I can express ideas freely and can get feedback that can build my skills and competencies.
Muhammad Ricko Gunardi
People & Culture
Testimonial image Muhammad Ricko Gunardi
As a person who’s never experienced working with a team before, in this company; especially with the help of my leaders & workmates; I learned a lot about depending/relying on people other than myself. So that we can grow & explore new things together.
Tio Melissa Puspita
Testimonial image Tio Melissa Puspita
After joining Catalyst Tech, I find myself getting into my passion and this is a massive opportunity for me since I sometimes feel confused about what I want to focus on. Shout out to Catalyst has provided challenges and chances for everyone to seek their focus area, too.
Muhammad Sodik
Testimonial image Muhammad Sodik
I love the work rhythm at Catalyst because I have met many creative people here. The flexibility also helps me increase my productivity. Super fantastic!
Rona Cendera Delta Perkasha
Testimonial image Rona Cendera Delta Perkasha
I am delighted to be working at Catalyst, as the company places a high value on employee satisfaction, growth, and development with opportunities to enhance their career paths. The work environment at Catalyst is very supportive.
Resty Maulidya Dewi
Testimonial image Resty Maulidya Dewi
It's been an amazing journey working at Catalyst, filled with learning, growing and developing both personally and professionally. There are times where we're working so hard (play hard as well), but the team here is great and supportive.
Jastian Ganaputra
Testimonial image Jastian Ganaputra
I am very grateful and always enjoy what I do every moment at this company, the people I work with, and the opportunities I have to learn and grow. I've gone through many moments here, but things like that make me stronger!
Miftachul Chandra Sonia Rahman
Testimonial image Miftachul Chandra Sonia Rahman
Catalyst is a company that values employee development, which is one of the reasons I choose to stay here. This company supports and encourages me to always strive for excellence and achieve my full potential.
Sena Bastari Yulianto
Testimonial image Sena Bastari Yulianto
It’s been an amazing 2 years and I’m proud to be a part of VOILA.ID. The working environment that has been created is one that welcomes feedback, appreciates hard work and rewards achievement. I am grateful for all the supports from my team.
Fransisca Luciana Tanuwijaya
Testimonial image Fransisca Luciana Tanuwijaya
Working here since 2020. The place that give me space to grow and willing to accept our idea in making the best quality of the products. The most happiest part is become the luckiest person in Year End Celebration 2022, I got door prize Jamtangan Mido Limited edition!
Testimonial image Erlini
It has been an incredible experience to be able to contribute and make a real impact on the company. I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to work here. The company values its employees and it shows in the work environment.
Nurcahyo Pujo Nugroho
Testimonial image Nurcahyo Pujo Nugroho
I have truly enjoyed my time at Catalyst Tech. The company has a fantastic work culture that encourages collaboration and teamwork. I have been consistently impressed by the support and camaraderie within my squad and throughout the company.
Yasa Aulia Natasha
Testimonial image Yasa Aulia Natasha
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Our Core Values
Our values are at the core of everything we do.


A safe space to share your insights and ideas.


Prove our words by our actions.


Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Be your own fire.


Think like there is no box.


Going the extra miles to deliver the best.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are firm believers in the value of building a diverse team.

Teams that made us up
Learn about departments in Catalyst that brought our products to life.
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Sophisticated team who develops and keeps improving Jamtangan.com and voila.id's platform. We tirelessly modify our products to ensure the best customer shopping experience.
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We ensure the users can meet their better experience in end-to-end flow in our product. Giving the right solutions to the users is our core goal.
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Good financial management has a powerful impact on the company's success. Therefore, ensuring the company's stability flow is planted in our roots.
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We’re driven by metrics. Group of creatives and analysts who find the most effective way to increase customer acquisition, retention, and revenue to ensure business growth.
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The core of business success. We build awareness, generate creative ways to promote the products, and maintain audience engagement in various marketing channels.
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Customer satisfaction is our main priority to achieve daily. We strive to work wholeheartedly to give the best service to them.
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People & Culture

Putting Catalysator's happiness first. We build an empowering and positive work environment to ensure all Catalysator achieve their best potential and feel content.
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Catalyst Headquarters

Our Headquarters

Pondok Indah Office Tower 2, Lantai 3 Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda DKI Jakarta 12310.
Jl. R.A.A. Marta Negara No.102, Turangga, Kec. Lengkong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40264.
Ruko Jl. Bunga Cengkeh No. 22 KAV 3 - 4, Jatimulyo, Kec. Lowokwaru, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65141.
Ruko The Avenue Blok A-5, Jl. Dr. Ir. Soekarno, Semolowaru, Kec. Sukolilo, Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60119.